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“I never thought that teaching your child can be enlightening to the extent that it gave birth to an organization”. Viraasat Venture has its genesis in a high school History lesson on transformation of handloom and handicraft and economics of imperialism.

Months of secondary research and engagement with the craftsmen in the handloom clusters, brought us face to face with issues of financial and social inequity and fair payment for skill arising out of low awareness of the market, capacity to invest, access to consumer, lack of understanding pricing standards and a complex supply chain. 

It’s an unorganized sector inundated by rampant exploitation of producer as well as consumer. We realised that latter suffers due to limited awareness of handloom standards, thus counterfeit products are passed off as handmade at high prices.

Viraasat Ventures Private Limited was established in 2018 as a social enterprise focused on principals of fair trade vis a vis consumer and producer and financial and social upliftment of the latter.

Vinusto our brand name, is an amalgamation of “Viraasat” and “Venusto”. Viraasat is a hindi word for heritage and Venusto in Latin expresses, to beautify or adorn with embellishments. Vinusto gives life to weavers’ beautiful creations by taking them out to the world.

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