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Our new collection is Inspired by Maya - The Goddess of illusion, dreams and creativity, the one who turns the Wheel of Fate. She is considered to be the eternal form of Shakti, the supreme feminine power and the Divine Mother. Maya is the power that brings forth the evolution of the phenomenal world. It makes this possible through an interplay of the sensesMaya represented the veiling power of illusion; complex to-construct /create but easy to wear Designs, with dreamy & flowy Silhouettes layered in Zari and textured weaves which denote feminine beauty & comfort at the same time. This Collection showcases classic Sarees, Lehengas, Kurta sets & kaftans rendered in luxurious shades of red, Green, Yellow & Off-white, & adorned with embroidered Cut dana lace and Textured Zari, simple yet sophisticated silhouettes in Chanderi fabrics. A glimpse: the subtle sheen of Chanderi Silk & textures of authentic weaves, reveals the true beauty of handloom in this collection.Fabrics like Silk, Zari and Textured weave from Chanderi adorned with Embroidered laces & patchwork add a glowing richness to all the ensembles for this wedding season.The soft, supple fabrics make each outfit regal and comfortable for its wearer and the silhouettes add unrestrained versatility to the clothing. With its traditional colours and distinctive design language, Maya brings joy of wedding traditions & rituals, and an attempt to replace the heavily embroidered & elaborate silhouettes & create modern yet classic fuss-free designs for family weddings.
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