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Decoding #Weavers and Wearers

Handicraft and handlooms are our legacy and represent brand India. The consumer,

the craftsmen and the craft are critical links in sustaining this legacy, however the

economics of handloom and handicraft does not favor any.


Our business model is focused on making the economics favorable to sustain the

legacy by replicating the older version of supply chain via use of technology.

We bring Weavers closer to the wearers.








Our focus is on cluster outreach, Weaver and Customer advocacy. Clusters are

identified basis the art form and its relevance. We try to balance the needs of the

customer as well as the weaver.


Each Cluster is a production hub for our raw material. We team up with the

weavers on design and colours, while retaining elements of weavers’ classical

patterns. That makes our display an amalgamation of Vinusto designs and

Weavers’ sensibilities.







Cluster outreach and weavers’ advocacy leads to customer advocacy, it’s a chain we have successfully

established by extensive social engagement. Our participatory approach vis a vis design inputs, standard

pricing, market trends has resulted in high level of customer ownership by the craftsmen.


We source directly from the Weavers’ Loom, ensure that relevant raw material issued for weaving, thus  

meeting the handloom/ GI norms. Weavers are responsible for quality control (QC), followed by

stringent QC by the in-house Design Team.

Thus, we state with utmost confidence that, a handloom is a handloom on our display as reflected in

product details shared with the customers.





Vinusto means to adorn with embellishments, to beautify. Our Design center plays a key role in

increasing the salability of weavers’ crafts. The Design team with its market intelligence vis a vis

fashion trends, and consumer behavior helps weavers keep abreast with changes.The center also

meticulously designs exclusive collections to match sensibilities of handloom connoisseurs and

quality conscious consumers like you who look for classic designs with contemporary appeal.


Our Product development process starts with the design inspiration, color and print selection,

fabric selection, illustrations, and ends with sampling. The themes may vary but there are two

constants; use of pure and handwoven fabric, Versatility of designs.






The Production unit creates physical prototype based on design Tech packs, for testing and quality

control. This sampling ensures that product you order is replicated as you see on screen, something

we take pride in. And our products are made on order to ensure standard sizes, tailored fit, with

focus on stitching quality and trims to match the premium fabric we use. Our outfits have a

designed finish, clean stich inside out.


The production team follows the 10 steps of garment construction, under strict quality control

guidelines to ensure that we uphold our commitment of honest designs to you, our customers.

Every outfit goes through 3 to 5 levels of quality checks depending on product category before its

delivered to you.





We at Vinusto use technology to brings weavers closer to wearers.This website is a virtual shop

for the weavers with creative display of their finished products. we make available to you, our

wearers, authentic from origin, high quality, made on order products accessible at the click of a



To maintain transparency with discerning customers like you, there are detailed descriptions

adjacent to every product which mention its origin, fabric used, cluster & artform, measurements

& styling options. Additionally, there is a buying guide with tips on how to select the right size

which you will find useful.






Our model is based on fairness to consumer and producer – to reduce socio economic inequity

and ensure fair trade, recognize skills and  make you, the consumer a part of it.


Each purchase of yours will contribute to the economic upliftment of a Weavers’ household,

while you can support a cause without making extra efforts and spending extra money. 

“happy shopping”..........

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