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Handwoven fabric

We at Vinusto are very passionate about handlooms because of the craft, our weaver friends, and the effort it takes them to make the fabric. The weaver uses both hands and feet to work on the loom that makes a rhythmic sound, weaving her aspirations and story inch by inch in a piece of fabric. It takes approximately 3 hours of excruciating & and meticulous effort to create 1 meter of plain fabric.

Handlooms are precious to us. Their authenticity is critical for us, and Vinusto designs are created to minimize the wastage of the handloom fabric. Our products are made-to-order to avoid inventory pile-up, and the post-production scrap is used for making beautiful trims, accessories, scarves, and bags.

Handlooms are breathable as they are handwoven using natural fibre, and thus suitable for all seasons. They have a unique texture and drape, and are versatile, adapting to the design/ style. Incorporating them into everyday fashion is a way to celebrate traditional craftsmanship while adding a touch of distinctiveness and sustainability to your style. You make a style statement wearing handlooms.

For a long time, handlooms were restricted to Sarees and Dupattas. However, we have adapted them in our designs; Tops, Shirts, Kurtas, Skirts, Dresses, Kurta Sets, Pants, Palazzos, Sarees, etc. are all available in handlooms.  We also offer handloom accessories like headbands, scrunches, shoes, and bags for your everyday use to add to your style. Our range is unmatched wrt vibrant colors, designs and value for money.

Sustainable fashion

A handloom purchase helps you contribute to the environment and the weaver's community, besides enhancing your wardrobe's style quotient. You contribute to sustainable fashion and reduce your environmental footprint by choosing handlooms, as they are made using traditional techniques that are more eco-friendly than mass-produced synthetic textiles.

Handloom weaving is a labor-intensive craft that's passed on through generations. When you purchase handloom products, you support artisans in preserving their cultural heritage and livelihood. It's a beautiful way to appreciate traditional art forms, preserving age-old weaving traditions and sustaining legacy and craftsmanship.  Close to 70% of weavers are women, and by buying a handloom product, you also contribute to women's empowerment.

Handloom products are made in small quantities; each piece is unique and special, thus allowing you to express your individuality through your fashion choices. Incorporating handlooms in your wardrobe is a way to align with the principles of sustainability, cultural appreciation, and ethical fashion. It helps you create a style statement that reflects your values and beliefs.

Taking Care of Handlooms

Handloom products remain evergreen and comfortable, and you can cherish them by increasing their longevity. It's advisable to get the products dry cleaned, at least in the first wash, to maintain the natural sheen. After that, hand-wash the handloom outfits/ sarees in cold water using mild detergent instead of machine wash; don’t scrub and wring. Follow the wash care instructions written along with the product description.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight; dry them in the shade to preserve the sheen and color. Use mild and eco-friendly detergent. Also, test wash in a small area to check color fastness; wash them separately as sometimes natural dyes can bleed.

Chanderi Katan Sarees are delicate; if not in use, reverse the fold of the Saree occasionally to avoid tears along the folds.

By following these care tips, you can extend the life of your handloom products and continue to appreciate their beauty and craftsmanship for years to come.





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